A veteran of traditional music of Quebec, Richard has graced Quebec stages and animated traditional dancers for more than 30 years. He was first inspired by fiddlers in his own family from Lanaudiere, but only took up the fiddle in his late teens. He is recognized not only for the energizing ‘swing’ of his bowing style but also credited, particularly in the earlier years, for discovering and reviving tunes that were all but lost. Also an accomplished composer, he has created timeless pieces of music that remain popular in countless jam sessions.


He is the composer of Valse de Bois, Reel de Mattawa, and the Reel de Montebello, acclaimed tunes that find themselves within the repertoire of other folk musicians and that are repeatedly included  on the many CDs. He has recorded with various Quebecois groups and musicians including Tradi-Son, Bardi, Barda, Domino, Le grande chaine, Rapetipetam. Richard is a source of inspiration for all musicians and his style and repertoire make him ever-popular in Quebec and everywhere his amazing music is played.


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